Daigle reaches out to Brackers

Brac Mixed Martial Arts hosted, for the very first time, a kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu seminar with karate instructor Bob Daigle.

In each seminar there was a mix of both males and females, with students soaking up all of the grappling knowledge. Their enthusiasm to learn last weekend fueled Daigle’s teaching.

“I was very impressed with the thirst for knowledge in the Brac,” Daigle said. “The instructors fed off their energy and we had a fun day of martial arts training.”

The seminars were organised by Daigle’s former student Justin French, who is now the founder of Brac MMA. French partnered with Bob to create a programme that will have a positive impact on the lives of the people living in the Brac. Men, women and children will not only acquire physical fitness, but benefits such as self discipline, confidence and sportsmanship.

Daigle is now in the process of training instructors and is confident in the state of Brac MMA.

“Justin does have martial arts experience having trained under me many years ago. As soon as I feel the Brac team is ready we will launch classes. I plan on visiting the Brac on a regular basis with the help of the business community to speed up this process. Our goal is to start classes the end of September or early October.”

Brac MMA is planning to also bring a new fitness programme called Extreme Edge. Developed by Slavik Moskalev, founder of Extreme Edge in Jamaica, Daigle saw the class being taught in Kingston last month. Daigle was one of the first to teach fitness kickboxing in the Cayman Islands and also introduced Cayman to cardio kickboxing back in the 1990’s. Some 300 women took those classes on a weekly basis.

“I spoke to the students that take the Extreme Edge classes in Jamaica and they said it is the hardest workout they ever took. It’s the talk of Jamaica. Safety is the highest priority.

“Slavic, who grew up in Russia, said he was involved in the Russian sports programmes his entire life and has used that knowledge to make these classes ever changing and a lot of fun.”

Daigle feels this could be the next big thing in fitness for not only Cayman but the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean. The workout is described as a mixture of martial arts, boot camp and cross fit.

French states future programmes would do well to enhance the impact of mixed martial arts on the Brac.

“I am proud to say that Cayman Brac has some great potential,” French said. “With the support of the business community, we will energize the people in the Brac by offering pure fitness classes as well as martial arts classes for all ages. We also have the support of the District Commissioner of Cayman Brac, Ernie Scott.”

Scott was among many observers at the Aston Rutty Centre as attendees were given a chance to spar and practice various striking and grappling techniques. He had a glowing review of the intiative.

“I had the opportunity to watch both seminars and I liked what I saw,” Scott said. “I feel that these programmes are what the Brac needs right now. I saw the excitement in everyone’s eyes and I feel this will be of great benefit to our youth. They have my support.”

Among the attendees was Frank Elwin, who is training to be an instructor under Daigle. He earned kudos at Daigle’s mixed martial arts clinic this summer at the D. Dalmain Ebanks boxing gym. The session featured two professional fighters from Las Vegas in Danny Davis Jr and Derek Weaver along with visiting grapplers from the Bahamas, Jamaica and Honduras.

Elwin states the sport has changed his life.

“This is a great chance to help the youth and everyone on the Brac to adopt a healthy life style,” Elwin said. “I am honoured to do my part to for Cayman Brac.

“I have lived here for most of my life and consider Cayman Brac my home and it is where I choose to raise my children.”

Without the support of the business community, this programme would not be possible. Special thanks goes to Daigle and all of the sponsors who made it possible to stage the seminar. Thank you: Cayman Brac District Admin, The Alexander Hotel, Four D’s Rental Car, SASI, West End Gas Station, P.O.S.H., Star Island Restaurant, Captain’s Table, Berry’s Golden Jerk, Mary Lou’s Fine Wines and Spirits (Monster Energy Drinks), Mr. and Mrs. Waite Kirkconnell, Mr. and Mrs. Audley Scott, Treasure Chest.

Daigle would also like to give a special thanks to Layman Scott of Pools By Us in Grand Cayman. Their consistent support is much appreciated and has been instrumental is the success of mixed martial arts in Grand Cayman over the past two years and most recently the Brac.

For information, contact Justin French on [email protected] or call 938-7963 or contact Bob Daigle on [email protected] or call at 925-6946

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