Junior riders storm Savannah

The Cayman Riding School recently saw another exhilarating show jumping competition in Savannah, Newlands.

The day started with a handy pony competition where almost 20 competitors had to jump fences and negotiate a difficult obstacle course on their horses “against the clock” – meaning the horse and rider had to complete the course in the fastest time without making any mistakes.

It was an extremely close affair as the level of riding has increased tremendously since the riding school opened just three years ago. Winning the intermediate class by just one tenth of a second was Gabi Nelson, riding Banderlero. Second place was Elana Sinclair, riding Diamond. Eva Muspratt came third riding Mad Max and in joint fourth place was Melody Allinger and Mya Heiss, both riding Bandy. Kristina Wolfe placed sixth on Beanie.

The height of the jumps was increased for the advanced handy pony class, with the winner being Dane Muspratt on Ninja Shadow. Second place went to Hannah Fowler on Honeycomb and Gayle Taylor on Mrs. Moose took third. Chloe Fowler came fourth on Shirley Temple, closely followed by Georgia Austin on Bandy.

The Intermediate jumping competition included riders visiting from The Equestrian Centre, which made for a very exciting jump off. Michelle Boucher rode a very fast round on her horse Sarah but Pheobe Serpell took up the challenge and rode her well, pushing Boucher into second. Hannah Fowler on Honeycomb came third with Tanja Slattery on Fashion finishing fourth. Chloe Fowler on Shirley Temple placed fifth and Jenna Boucher, riding Katrina, finished sixth.

“It was a very encouraging display of riding,” said Cayman Riding School proprietor Tracey Surrey.

“We have a substantial number of young riders who, with a little more exposure and competitive experience, are going to do very well in the future.”

The jumps were put up again for the advanced horses and riders, which proved very challenging with only two riders from the riding school making it to the jump off. Competing for the first time on Rumour Has It was Amara Thompson, who jumped beautifully to win the class ahead of Michelle Boucher on Katrina.

The end of the day saw a pairs relay competition – the first of its kind ever to be held in Cayman.

Riders from the riding school were paired with kids from The Equestrian Centre to form teams that competed on horses supplied by the riding school. Both riders had to complete a course of jumps, with the second competitor jumping a longer and higher course against the clock.

All of the riders rode very well and it was an extremely close competition. Although Amara Thompson rode a faster time, she had five time faults. Thus, by just a tenth of a second, Polly Serpell on Rumour Has It and Jenna Boucher on Katrina would win the class.

Amara Thompson, also riding Rumour Has it and Gayle Taylor, riding Mrs. Moose, had the same score as Thea Millard riding Katrina and Eva Muspratt riding Mad Max – so both teams came an equal second. Phoebe Serpell riding Honeycomb and Chloe Fowler riding Shirley Temple came fourth.

Tanja Slattery, riding Fashion and Michelle Boucher, riding Sarah (representing Cayman Riding School’s ‘Rusty Stirrup Club’), came fifth with Hannah Fowler riding Honeycomb and Madeline Adquart riding Shirley Temple coming sixth.

The next show is scheduled for September. For further information, please call Tracey Surrey on 926-7669

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