Chamber replaces Business Expo with CayShop event

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is launching a new business event called CayShop.

With the aim to improve its events and programmes, the chamber has reevaluated the Business Expo and decided that “after 20 years it is in need of a face lift and an injection of innovation”.

Booths will continue to be sold to members, but new exhibitor categories have been added to accommodate smaller businesses and cottage industries. This means that local artisans and small business owners, who could not previously participate, will be welcomed into the new CayShop showcase under their special category of registration.

“We are excited and inspired about our new plans to expand into CayShop,” said Wil Pineau, chief executive officer of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce. “For us this is not just an event it is a mantra! We want to place extra emphasis on buying locally and supporting our own economy first. More than an excellent opportunity to showcase local products and services, it is a way for local businesses to gauge their supply and demand by connecting with their customers, testing out new products, and displaying the full gamut of their available product lines.”

The chamber said it wishes to establish a new and exciting shopping event for the Cayman Islands which supports the new tagline of “Spend it local”. Together with its participating members, the chamber aims to bring new life to Cayman’s largest shopping mall. The focus will be on new items never before available in the Cayman Islands as well as special offers from exhibitors not available at any other time of year.

In support of the new look and feel, CayShop will be held at the new location of The Arc in Camana Bay which will allow for a better use of space and the opportunity to hold evening events. The dates this year will be 25-27 October, which provides an opportunity for the unveiling of new products and gift ideas during the run-up to Christmas, the chamber said.

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