The decline 
of a nation

Double digit employment and a marathon DPP decision on the investigation into the Premier’s conduct combined with a long overdue budget can only lead the middle aged residents of Cayman to long for the quiet conservative prosperity of earlier times. Memories of Messrs Warren, Benson and Vassal loom large in our collective memory but nostalgia can only be a placebo. The electorate must demand concrete answers for our future from candidates seeking election. Leaps of development fantasy do not provide long term and recurrent solutions to our economic development. There should be a commitment to sober action conjoined with a determined search for alternative economic activity in new sectors outside of banking and tourism that promise extensive local long term employment. Time is short and our leaders must provide a blueprint for renewal failing which the neo colonial TCI experiment can only loom large on our radar.

We can then expect the UK template that has worked so well on our issues of crime to be imprinted on our economic plans with similar results.

Peter Polack

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