Could it be magic? Jose reckons so

Life need not be the greyscale mush of drizzle-souled mundanity, a self-perpetuating muddy trudge between bills and yawnsome dreariness. No, no, and no: magic abounds if you only seek it.

Serendipitously, and specifically, the Comedy Magic Show happens every Tuesday at Margaritaville with doors at 7pm for an 8pm start. Weekender hooked up with Santiago de Cuba-born, Cayman-based entertainer Jose Rafael to get the full rundown on all things magical.

What can people expect from the comedy magic show?

The audience can expect to leave all of their worries and stress behind and look forward to 50 minutes of nonstop laughter and amazing magic acts. My show is interactive with the guests so they will enjoy being a part of different situations on the stage and involved in hilarious magical moments … in every single magic show the magic effect is a surprise and that’s one of the most important things in magic. In my case, I mix it with comical situations, and the only thing I can tell you is if you come to my show I guarantee 100 per cent entertainment for you and the entire family.

What first got you into magic?

I am lucky because my father is a master magician in classic magic (Mago Ayra of Cuba) and he is my teacher; I began learning magic at the age of six. In the beginning everything was simple, but of course with time the techniques became more advanced and every time more difficult. I am a professional sleight of hands artist and for the three times I entered the national magic contest of Cuba, I won first prize of all three competitions in my speciality (2005, 2007, 2009). I was lucky. After the first competition, I tried to find a way to perform magic with comedy, because I love to make the audience laugh. That’s when I began my new style of magic.

What or who inspires you in comedy?

There are a lot of talented comedians all over the world from this century and the century before. I don’t want to be unfair, but in my personal opinion, I think it is very hard to mix magic with comedy. Of course I am not the pioneer in comedy magic; there are hundreds of magicians who mix their shows with comedy. I get my inspiration from many magicians who perform or have performed comedy magic. For example, Tommy Cooper (United Kingdom), Ali Bongo (Netherlands), Paul Daniels (UK), Juan Tamariz (Spain), Michael Finney (United States) The Amazing Jonathan (US) Ed Alonzo (US) and so many more. But without any doubt, for me the most influential was Tommy Cooper. The funny thing about him is he did not have the skills of the other magicians I mentioned. However, he was a natural and original comic magician and could have an audience in his pocket before he even said a word and in my opinion, that’s the soul of the real entertainer. He was the best.

What magic does Cayman have?

I would have to say the fact that Cayman is such a beautiful island and multicultural makes it magical. But the most important thing for me is that I can perform my magic for locals as well as people from all over the world and the result is the same because everyone enjoys magic mixed with comedy. The show would be impossible to do without the help of Margaritaville’s manager, Chris Redlund, who I would like to thank for the opportunity.

Jose Rafael appears every Tuesday at Margaritaville. To reserve a table call 938-3388. Tickets are $20 per show and there are 2 for 1 drinks and appetisers available.

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