Things need to change

If wisdom and experience had a choice, this is what the youngest MLA in the 1960s has to offer in retrospect.

If we reverted back to the independent candidate system, we would get a better cross section of our people by attracting successful business people and professionals from different industries. In the past several years, our Parliamentarians have been wasting time fighting among themselves and putting party before country. A country’s biggest business is government. What has happened to preparing a budget, adhering to it and having timely audits?

The seven-year rollover (or the newly recommended 10-year rollover) has and will continue to adversely affect our Islands as an added incentive to our recession. It should be repealed. Can anyone who owns a business tell us their business was better after training and trusting an employee for seven years, then sending him or her away? The size of government could be reduced if the same procedure is place on it.

Why are visitors who own vacation homes and spend money at all the retail outlets questioned and have trouble getting more than a 30-day stay? They should be allowed to stay six months upon entering our Islands.

One simple solution to the fight on obesity would be to reschedule the school bus transportation. It would be healthier for children if they were to stay longer after class to exercise and engage in sporting events rather than go home to sit in front of a screen.

Changing to daylight saving time would increase business for the water sports industry and restaurants. It would simplify doing business in North America. The extra hour of daylight would allow more time for young people to exercise.

Whether it be the Dart Group or others, investors should be encouraged to continue investing and developing our country. With the global recession, Cayman would be a lot worse off had Dart not been present. Their offer to relocate the dump and monitor the disposal of garbage in a professional way is to our advantage. The extension of the by-pass road is a necessity with better hurricane protection. The public beach will still be accessible with more parking.

In all my 80 years, we have never had a BAD government. It is my firm belief things need to change. As a former elected member of the Legislative Assembly and an elected member of the Executive Council (now known as Cabinet), I have respectively submitted these thoughts.

Burns Rutty


  1. Sir, Your vision and wisdom does you credit.

    I fear the PM is not properly embracing all the resources available to him – good leadership is less about knowing what to do, than knowing who to ask when you are unsure.

    Clearly you have no axe to grind (other than the continued growth and prosperity of Cayman) and it is that sort of impartial advice he should be ACTIVELY seeking, to prevent some of his more questionable decisions of late.

    I too am disappointed by the wasted effort devoted to antagonistic and adversarial rivalries, not only within government but on a larger scale. I believe Governor Taylor has showed professionalism and restraint despite the provocation and it beggars belief that the Premier chooses to be at odds with someone who should instead, have been a valuable ally.
    How does the current situation compare to previous governments – has there been friction between the FCO/Governor and Caymans Government in previous times or did they work together for the greater good?

  2. Hi sonic,

    Yes there have been previous governments who have been a thorn in the side of the British government or the crown’s representative being the governor. Not all governors mean the UK territories well. They often have their own agenda. a total disconnect from the local people. Just here to enjoy the fun the mon and the sun.

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