Shenel seeks Swiss experience

Shenel Gall will be playing professional football in Europe. 

The striker signed on with FC Neunkirch this summer, a second-division domestic league team in Switzerland. Gall was previously with American club FC Indiana and the Cayman women’s national team member states she was ready for a change. 

“I’m trying to find the right fit,” Gall said. “I played in America and I got to see what that is like. I always wanted to play in Europe to see how that was so that was my decision to come here. 

“They all play a different style of football. I’m still a young player so I’m just trying to work my way around to open up my options.” 

Gall, 20, is the first Caymanian woman to sign a professional football contract, joining Indiana back in May. The move was helped by an agreement signed between the club and the Cayman Islands Football Association this year that paves the way for top local players to become professional by suiting up for Indiana.  

Currently based in Zurich, Gall only played in a few games for the Lionesses. Prior to that, Gall played with US university Barton College in Georgia. 

For the record, Indiana plays in the Women’s Premier Soccer League Elite competition. One of the top clubs in the US, the side is known for its diversity having used 39 players from 16 countries in the past six years. 

It should be noted that a handful of young ladies are set to play football abroad this summer. Among the standouts are Chelsea Brown, Courtisha Ebanks, Shanelle Frederick, Chelsea Greene, Shanice Monteith and Kimberly Rivers.  

Shenel Gall

Shenel Gall will now play in Europe. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD


  1. She’s the first Caymanian football player to sign a full professional contract since Renard Moxam-period.

    Cayman’s women team and players are way better than the men, in relative comparison.

    Women’s football has grown tremendously and is some spanking good football to watch, as the World Cup and Olympics have shown.

    This Cayman women’s team might be making some noises in international competition soon if their players continue to improve and play professional football abroad in Europe and America.

    They’re really that good !

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