Editorial for 23 August: Help vulnerable make a way

The numbers of people among us who are in need seems to be
increasing year by year.

By the end of 2011, almost 9,000 people were holding their
hand out to government for some sort of assistance, up from almost 8,000 people
the year before. The numbers show a 14 per cent increase in people who seek

Minister Mike Adam has said social troubles in the Cayman
Islands begin worsening when our economy began its downturn in 2009. Of that,
we have no doubt.

Most worrying is that the number of people who have remained
active clients at the Department of Children and Family services was 4,343 in
2011, a 64 per cent increase from the number of 2,648 in 2010. There was a big
increase the number of families – 1,423 – that received food voucher assistance
last year, compared to 1,088 in 2010.

It is sad that individuals and families are having to turn
to government for financial assistance, but we are fortunate to live in a
country that is able to help.

Minister Adam assured that government is working to ensure
that the vulnerable are eventually in a position to help themselves. We would
like him to elaborate on just what is being done and reach out the private
sector to help.

There have been repeated calls for government to cut
expenses. If it can come up with a way to help our most vulnerable make ends
meet for themselves, the numbers will shrink and the demand on government will



  1. I am glad that the today’s Editorial has addressed the subject of the growing number of people who are in need and are looking to the government help meet their need.

    As the statistics indicate, the number of families requiring assistance seem to be increasing by leaps and bounds. There is absolutely no doubt that the worsening economic downturn, by and large, plays a major role the situation.

    I share the view that it is really sad when both individuals and families must turn to the government for financial assistance to make ends meet. Thank God help is available for those who need it.

    In this situation, the government’s prime objective should be to engage the private sector to help. May be that is being done. The private may have workable ideas or even resources that can be tapped temporarily until the economic situation improves.

    This added financial responsibility on government reinforces the point that government must be definitely committed to reducing its overall expenditures by closely examining how and where it spends its resources.

  2. What is of vital importance is that the government screen those people who get aid to assure that those who are really in need are the ones who receive assistance. Unfortunately there are those in every society that believe it is within their rights to abuse the social services system for personal gain.

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