Staycations are a vital part of life in Cayman

The word staycation isn’t just a catchy name for a promotion; it has found its way into the Oxford Online Dictionary. The word staycation is a noun and is defined as “a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions”. This definition embraces that a staycation does not need to occur at a resort or hotel. It can be fun day trips within your home country enjoying attractions, shopping, dining experiences and other fun things you would enjoy if you were visiting.  

Staycations became trendy in 2008 when the global economy crashed, people needed an affordable way to spend their vacation time and for many driving or flying out of the country was not an option. This meant a decline in tourism here in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association is always looking for ways to support its members and the staycation promotion enticed residents with incredible offers.  


Take time to relax 

Thus staycation season was born over the slow season July to November. Take some time to enjoy your own staycation this year with affordable options to relax and enjoy your little piece of paradise. While you enjoy your staycation whether it be a day of shopping, lunch at one of our fabulous restaurants and then off to the Turtle Farm or if you take a trip to Cayman Brac and enjoy some peace and quiet. Write about your incredible discoveries on TripAdivsor and encourage people to come to the Cayman Islands! Escape to a hotel or villa, play in the water, have a massage, do some shopping or enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the islands culinary gems. Staycations are the perfect opportunity to get some quiet time on your own or reconnect with your family.  

There really are new offers coming every day – across all three islands there are incredible accommodation discounts and in some cases packages that also include flights to the Sister Islands for Cayman residents. The dive community also is fully on board with this amazing scheme with a massive amount of reasons to get under the water and see the world – from the Kittiwake to the beauty of the corals and fauna there are reasons why people are attracted here from literally all over the world. And why shouldn’t us residents have some fun? 

As well as the divers, of course, there is a whole host of other things to do whilst on island – from the National Gallery to Atlantis Submarines the deals come thick, fast and fabulous. 

All that energetic stuff is bound to make a bod hungry and luckily the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean doesn’t disappoint, with a vast amount of restaurants getting on board with the staycation scheme and offering the same, classy and brilliant food but with prices that will make you want to go back for seconds.  


Rediscover paradise 

Whether you choose to Eat, Dive, Stay or Play – rediscover your piece of paradise right here in the Cayman Islands. There are too many offers to mention each individually in Weekender with our ace tourism industry doing the business and getting on board.  


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