Editorial for 24 August: The budget comedy show

It would be funny, if it weren’t all so serious.

As of Wednesday night, Cayman Islands lawmakers proceeded to
debate a budget proposal from the ruling government; the document having just
been delivered to the assembly members themselves within a short time of the
debate’s start.

By Wednesday evening, and even up to press time Thursday,
this newspaper had received no official word that the United Kingdom even
assented to the budget that was printed out for legislators. Moreover, there
were no copies of the unapproved spending plan made available to the press or
the public.

To sum up, lawmakers spent Wednesday night debating
something they didn’t officially know was a real document and which they didn’t
bother to make available to the general public, just in case the UK did happen
to agree to it.

We’re tempted to laugh, but frankly, this is not the
appropriate time for it.

This is a gravely serious matter; the country is about a
week away from losing spending authority contained in its two-month temporary

We are still on uncertain ground with regard to the UK and
official budget figures are apparently not available.

The above series of events does just about anything but
inspire confidence in the country’s leadership.

The public really should demand better.


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  1. No objective observer could reach any conclusion other than that McKeeva Bush is incompetent to hold the offices of Premier and Minister for Finance.

    Are the UDP MLAs so blind to their own electoral peril that they cannot see the urgent need to get rid of this man? The longer he stays in office the more he damages both the country and his own party.

  2. IT is not good to have respect of persons in judgment and say thou art right when he is not. BUT to them that rebuke him is a godly delight and a good blessing shall come upon them. A false BALANCE is abomination to the lord where no counsel is the people fall..

  3. I expect you can call it that; it seem the Cayman Government had to jump through all kinds of hoops and hurdles put in place by the Foreign Office. (Making us all stronger though) As some shouted to light the rings on fire, they committed themselves to act with grace under fire..

    Starting the budget debate before final approval can only be viewed as a proactive attempt to get work done.. They simply could leave the contested elements on the side-line and work through the main-stays. The problem I saw was those who boycott every-thing they don’t agree with.

    The last thing we need is a tug of war where Cayman ends up in the mud because of the lack of bridge building abilities, but to let go of the rope and boycott the work leave only one team to launch the bailey across the divide.

    Job well done to the Deputy Premiere; your bridge launching team deserve a good rest, but as a true warrior you fight so others can take RR in the middle of the exercise..

    Keep up the good work your bridge will stand so other can cross without getting their pampered feet wet.

    Should I forget the reserves; A very timely deployment, Headquarters was getting hammered, a new recruiting drive should refill your ranks in no time..