The great Weekender wrestling special

Here at Weekender we’re still buoyed by the extraordinary athletic feats of the Olympics. And whilst that beano of physical magnificence is over for another four years, we’re determined to continue to follow the adventures of those talented individuals who take their bodies and push them to the limits.

Welcome, therefore, to Weekender’s Wrestling Special. After literally minutes of research we have discovered a taxing sport taking place around the world this week should you care to grace them with your wonderful, beautiful and intelligent presence.

We speak, of course, of the 2012 Gravy Wrestling Championships, taking place on Monday, 27 August at Rose n Bowl in Stacksteads, Lancashire. This complex and, some might say, inspiring sport has a long and wonderful history. We asked Wrestlo Mc Gravy (a traditional North Western name) for more details.

“Without a doubt this is one of the world’s craziest culinary competitions,” he sang, to the tune of Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills. “A wild and whacky wrestling competition in a pool full of Lancashire Gravy. Contestants must wrestle in the gravy for two minutes whilst being scored for audience applause, and various different moves.”

Gravy wrestling is now in its fifth year and based on having fun, although there is serious competitive streak among most competitors, he continued, whilst stuffing his face full of meat pie.

Teams and individuals compete although all must be over 18. There’s separate male and female knockout competitions – sadly, no mixed gravy wrestling is allowed (we’ll keep that one for the next stormy evening when the TV conks out). Current champions are Mrs. Christmas and Stone Cold Steve Bisto, by the way.

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