Dog rescued from burning house

As firefighters worked at controlling a fire in a three bedroom house on Crewe Road, George Town, dog “Roro” barks excitedly after just be rescued by neighbour Colbert Wilson.

Mr. Wilson called in fire rescue after retrieving the dog from inside the burning house. A young lady living in the house rushes to the scene burst into tears and scopes the dog into her arms as relatives and friends comfort her next to the smoking building.

It is not known as yet what was the cause of the fire that burned the inside section of the three bedroom house as fire officers and scenes of crimes officers were still assessing the damages.

Before fire officers arrived on the scene, Mr. Wilson, who lives in a house to the front, said he had just arrived in the yard when he saw smoking coming through the windows. Thinking someone was in the house, Mr. Wilson smashed the front door. On entering the house he said he made his way through the smoke to the kitchen where he saw fire on the stove. Scared that there might be an explosion he immediately kicked opens the back door and turned off the gas and began dialing 911 immediately.

As he ran through the house Mr. Wilson shouted to see if anyone was in the house but all came running out was a dog, he said. He kicked down an interior door to the back bedroom and found it on fire but no one was inside. He ran to the next room smashed the door and found that on fire also but no one was inside. The third bedroom at the front of the house was also on fire but no one was inside. He left the burning building to wait for fire officers.

According to a fire officer the call came through to the station at 11.07 am Monday morning and within 2-3 minutes fire officers were on the scene. After entering the building and putting the fire out the windows were smashed to let the smoke outside.

When a search was made of the house fire fighters said they did not find any occupants at home.

According to Mr. Wilson, the owner and mother of the young lady who cuddled the dog were on vacation in Honduras at the time. Other occupants renting a second section of the house started arriving on scene. One tenant said he was told by officers that he could not enter the building to remove his passport.

According to fire officers on the scene most of the fire damage was done to the back bedroom although all the closed rooms were burnt an investigation is be carried out.

Crewe Rd fire w dog

A young lady living in the house sobs with relief to find dog ‘Roro’ safe.
Jewel Levy

Crewe Rd fire

A fire officer smashes a window to let the smoke out of a burning house on Crewe Road.


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