Another Brac iguana killed

Another rock iguana has been killed on a Cayman Brac road, the fourth endangered reptile to have been struck and killed by a vehicle since April. 

A young breeding male, who was among 89 iguanas tagged in an exercise this year to identify all the iguanas on the island, was hit by a car on Monday, 17 September.  

Bonnie Scott-Edwards, liaison for the iguana survey, said she feared iguanas being killed on the newly paved roads of Cayman Brac was “getting so commonplace, it may not be newsworthy anymore”. 

The latest roadkill victim was known simply as “Number 86”. Development work on the edge of the Bluff had driven him from his usual habitat to a patch at the side of the road, Ms Scott-Edwards said. 

She said the project to preserve the Sister Islands white crested rock iguana had been in operation more than a year by now, but there was yet to be one roadside warning sign erected asking drivers to slow down and watch out for iguanas.  

In June, a young female iguana, known as Little Girl, who had been featured as a character in a locally written children’s story was killed when she was struck by a passing vehicle. In April, a pregnant iguana was killed on South Side Road and in May, the island’s largest male iguana, known as S, was struck and killed.  

A count of iguanas on the island taken earlier this year showed there were fewer than 90 of the reptiles surviving. 

Brac rock iguana killed Sept 2012

The sad sight of another endangered rock iguana killed on a Cayman Brac road. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED


  1. Is the Brac ready for speed bumps and a National Conservation Law yet? How many more? Will we miss them when they’re gone/extinct?

  2. It seems to me that ever since the green iguana was placed on the kill them anyway you want list, respect has been lost for the other iguana species as well. I recall an incident not too long ago right in town among many tourists when a 3 foot greenie was just blatantly run over by an ignorant (I will try very hard to be nice here) road user but the iguana was not dead but lost one leg completely and part of the body was stuck to the pavement. The expressions on peoples faces was way beyond dumbstruck as to why this had to take place, I recall some were even crying. There was nothing I could have done to save this one and there was so much commotion that I had no choice but to move on as somebody was attempting to control traffic and avoid further misery. Was this an accident? Sorry, no way! I can only hope that this one in the Brac was but honestly, I doubt it very much. Is this the way we want to expose ourselves in our own little paradise for all others to see?

  3. Thank you so much for not saying another iguana was killed by a speeding vehicle. Unless someone witnesses it, don’t assume the vehicle was speeding, as these iguanas are known to run in front of cars.

    Another item than bears mentioning: Little Girl was routinely fed near the road. Have to wonder if she wouldn’t have been so close to the road in the first place if she hadn’t been so desensitized to humans. If you love wild animals, observe them but leave them alone! No feeding just because it serves your purpose.

    Is a dead iguana newsworthy? Maybe. I happen to think two young Brackers fighting for their lives in the States while their families face immense emotional and financial burdens is more newsworthy, but that’s just me. Obviously the newsmakers don’t think so, as we never see anything about these young men or their progress. But let another iguana die …

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