Killa set to bounce back soon

Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker is still enjoying the enormous credit he gained from the heroic fight with Gabriel Rosado two weeks ago. 

The Cayman Islands fighter was stopped in the tenth round by the American in an International Boxing Federation world title eliminator but considering all the problems Whittaker encountered just to get 
into the ring he did well.  

It’s a miracle he was able to put on such a gallant performance at all in an incredibly absorbing fight that even impressed NBC TV executives.  

Whittaker, 38, fought Rosado in his hometown in Pensylvannia in front of a partisan crowd of 2,000, topped the bill yet earned a tiny purse of $6,000 which meant he had limited funds to get top quality sparring and was generally given as hard a time as possible by promoters Main Events to ensure their fighter Rosado, 
26, was victorious.  

When the October IBF rankings come, Whittaker is likely to still be in the top 10, dropping down from No.2 to around No.6 or No.7. Rosado is the new No.1.  

“My state of mind is all good,” said Whittaker as he watched HBO’s Saturday night boxing at Dog House with his girlfriend Ann-Marie Byrd. “I’m just looking forward to getting back on the horse and riding again. My mindset right now is just getting back into the ring again.” 

Whittaker is taking a well earned rest and intends to fight again in the Philippines around the third week of December. His trainer Norman Wilson has a house, gym and business in the Philippines and Killa feels he gets in shape quicker there because there are fewer distractions than in Cayman.  

“The response for the most part has been very positive, whether it is local or internationally,” added Whittaker. “I’ve received great respect from people in the industry. 

“NBC said that they would like me back on the network. It will take some time to get on there. They understand that we’ve just fought but I’m sure that we will hear from them. We’ll also be hearing from promoters and different people. 

“Everybody understands that right now I’m out of the loop. After a TKO like that I’m out through suspension. The response I’ve got and messages coming through is that I should try to finish the year on a winning note and in the new year there’s going to be some good things happening for me. 

“I’m looking forward to next year after finishing 2012 on a high note. Next year is going to be a good one for me. Anytime you’re in the top 10 you can still fight for the title. Even if you’re in 
the top 15.  

“It was a good fight against Rosado. Fans around the world were entertained. I got a great deal of positive response and only a little negative, but they are not from people in the boxing industry but Caymanians talking about politics.” 

Charles Killa

Charles Whittaker with Ann-Marie Byrd. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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