Pirates Week floats sought

One of the central elements of the upcoming Pirates Week is the colourful float parade. 

The spectacle comprises many different floats from district committees, private businesses and schools and the Pirates Week committee is calling for more people to get involved. 

Displays and walking groups also participate in the event, which takes place the afternoon of Saturday, 10 November. Only a limited number of float entries can be accepted, but it is open to both people who live in the Cayman Islands, as well as overseas. 

You can register by going to the Pirates Week Festival website www.piratesweekfestival.com and downloading a special form from the section titled “Our Events”. Registration fees are $150 for large floats, $100 for small floats and walking groups, $100 for non-competing floats and $50 for non-competing walking groups. 

Districts, schools, non-competing pan groups and beauty pageant winners may take part for free. 


The deadline for entry forms and any applicable fee payment is Friday, 19 October. 

Pirates Week 31

The Pirates Week float parade is full of colour – you can also be a part of it. – Photo: File

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