Bulldogs not wailing over woes

It seems the Club House Bulldogs just cannot win the big game.

For the third time in their history, the Bulldogs lost a national flag football championship game. This year would mark a second defeat to the dms West Bay Hellcats.

For Bulldogs running back Chris ‘Smitty’ Smith, the time for bemoaning the past is over.

“Crying about it is as effective as chewing bubble gum to solve an algebra equation,” Smith said. “I’m not going to lose it over this. I’ve been in the league four years and I’m used to these playoff disappointments.

“I turned 25 the week of the final and I was hoping for a 25th birthday present but it’ll have to be next time I guess. I’m happy with the season. We had great chemistry, we were all friends and hung out. We’re a good team and we’re coming back next season for sure. I’ll be back next year too.”

The Bulldogs previously made it to the league finals in 2008 and 2009, losing to the Calabash Farm Soldiers and the Hellcats. In 2012, the Bulldogs would lose to West Bay 6-0 in overtime in the finale of the Digicel Summer League, put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association.

That result allows dms to claim four straight championships and complete a run of seven titles in nine years. Interestingly, Renford ‘X-Factor’ Barnes’ Hellcats had a surprising regular season campaign, finishing second at 8-4. The Bulldogs, behind Luigi Moxam and Chris Spigner, were the frontrunners at 9-3.

Dave ‘Spanish’ Velez, 29, is a two-way star for Club House, having played quarterback, tight-end and cornerback this year. The Brooklyn native states the 2012 defeat will not stop the Bulldogs from returning in 2013.

“You have to feel disappointed,” Velez said. “We were the number one seed coming in, with the best numbers in the regular season. To fall short, by two yards, kills us. But that’s not enough to stop us from coming back next year.

“It was just one football game. We have to take it a game at a time, come back here next year and capitalize.”

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