Killer whales spotted off East End

A pod of four killer whales was seen shortly after 7 this morning off the shores of East End on Grand Cayman.

Ron Hargrave, whose day job is chef at Tukka Restaurant, and a friend had just dropped some lines in the water when they spotted fins in the water in front of them.

“They literally just showed up,” Mr. Hargrave said. “I thought ‘wow, that’s really, really cool.”

The whales made a loop around the boat and then went under.

“I didn’t realize how fast they move,” he said.

The largest of the whales had a fin that was about four feet in length. “They’re huge; massive.”

Mr. Hargrave said he had seen killer whales of the coast of Vancouver Island, but didn’t know they travelled through Cayman waters.

For more information, read the Thursday’ edition of the Caymanian Compass and an updated version on this website.


  1. This is where we should be watching the dolphins imprisoned at the Dolphinarium , and the overcrowded turtles at the Turtle Farm – not in dreadful artificial enclosed habitats.

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