Where is the love?

Where is the love, our people ask, and what has happened to our Christian heritage that taught us it is not worth losing our souls to gain the world? Where is the love, when a poor domestic worker is denied a glass of water and reprimanded for drinking a can of soda from her place of work without first asking? When she must stand at a bus stop at 5am to reach work at 6am to leave work at 6 or 7pm for CI$600 per month. Out of this she pays over CI$100 in bus fares and is never given a ride home in the darkness of the evening. Where is the love? There is no love!

Where is the love when our premier, rather than cutting expenses from his nation building fund, he demands more taxes to give gifts to our churches as if paying for their loyalty? Where is the love when our premier continues his first-class jet setting around the world after introducing us to new overburdening taxes that are destroying our local middle class and our cousins who joined us years ago from Jamaica and Central America? Our cousins have spent years trying to improve their economic security by working hard and investing in small businesses; but now most of their businesses they have lost and, if not yet lost, soon will be dead. Their business must now pay more for the work permits they cannot operate without; as if government sees itself as a business and the only business which matters. Face it, work permits are not to protect Caymanians. Work permits are nothing more than a way of taxing us small business people before we have made one dime from the labour of those we employ. Where is the love?

Where is the love when Jamaican construction and domestic workers after having helped to build this country are now allowed to slip backwards toward an even worse poverty and disrespect than that which they thought they left behind? Yet our airborne Premier the Honourable McKeeva Bush is still loved by most of my Jamaican and Central American cousins in spite of the fact that he does not touch down long enough to hear their cries. Not yet anyway and they must wait until we are all financially ruined, hungry, desperate and willing to accept whatever hand-out at whatever price he charges. The honourable leader feels he does not need to discontinue his airborne management and lifestyle until shortly before the 2013 election when he and his UDP downside up broomsticks will ask for our permission to torture us another four years. Perhaps the leader still believes that because he gave some status as a means of disguising his scheme to status in many of his high worth friends, that he has secured our Jamaican and Central American cousins’ love and loyalty for eternity. But as my Jamaican grandfather told me in 1964, you can take the bucket to the well but one day the bottom a go drop out. Over-using anyone or anything always courts disaster even to those doing the using. Jamaicans have a proud history in the application of common sense and if ever they need to use their common sense it is in the upcoming election. This is because we Caymanians are mostly so proud that we made everybody besides our own ride shotgun over us. So it will be up to our Jamaican and Central American cousins to cast votes that may not only save their investments in their dreams for a better life; their actions like in the beginning of settlement and modern development might be the only salvation for their Caymanian cousins.

Where is the love when I continue to refuse the offers of my beloved pastor to preach side by side with him God’s love rather remain in the world preaching Jesus’s social vision? How can there be love when our people are robbing for groceries and the premier has placed a two per cent tax on the property insurance on the house we can no longer afford while hungry young Caymanians, especially from West Bay, are jailed for illegally taking food from God’s ocean. Must this man wipe out all the good he has ever done for his people in four years and where is that pure heart; is it malfunctioning?

Where is the love when we follow the Premier’s example of thinking only of ourselves and what we get from the Darts and Michael Ryan’s of this world, rather than the stars we could earn in the crown that Jesus has prepared to crown the faithful? Everybody wants to claim Jesus to get to heaven but not many want to claim Jesus as the first step in learning to love their neighbour. Why are we preaching about hell and damnation as if we do not see that Jesus offered and afforded us countless opportunities to build little heavens down here, but there must first be love?

Where is the love from those long lines of lawyers lining up to act before our judges only so they can collect their legal aid monies to pay for a good life, which they will tell you they deserve, because they are working so hard here in Cayman. What I will say is at least they have a job. What world is these so-called defenders living in if they still sit by their fireplaces with air-conditions fully turned up to remind them of their ice cold superiority. Imagine there is a house in Grand Cayman that pays more than $15,000 a month to CUC, a publicly traded company, which pays no taxes but which nevertheless is guaranteed a profits from their invest when we the middle class are denied a living wage and the domestic cannot drink one $1 can of soda. The inequalities and social disorientation in my homeland is to me very unchristian and I am brought to tears as often as I try and listen to the plight and 
disappointment of young and old in a country where there seems to be no love.

Where is the love? There is no love and I should shut up preaching social and economic equality because the individuals in this country desire inequalities. Caymanians and expats alike are afraid of equality because it gives birth to love and love destroys the selfishness upon which our colonial socio-economic system needs to feed. We are all, including me, blotted by false pride and we do not want to walk the walk some of our preachers said Jesus Christ walked. We do not walk on our streets among the poor and we wonder why George Town is dead. We think all poor people are criminals and we do not shop or eat in their neighbourhoods. Misery needs company but who wants to be miserable in this world? So we have turned our backs, closed our eyes and covered our ears to our Christian social responsibility no matter how loud our preachers shout.

Where is the love when there is no concept of the social citizen and the only bad people are the people who play music and dance on Sundays? There is no love because we reject love, respect and cooperation outside the doors of our beautiful and well-built churches subsidised by the leader’s nation building funds. There can be no love if the gospel of Christ is not practiced beyond the church yards. There can be no love if we mock and ridicule those questioning the lack of humanity in our society. They can be no love if we always put to death the good characters of those persons among us who dare question the ethics of the Pharisees. Saying we are Christians but refusing a drink of water to those that are thirsty and a breadfruit to those that are hungry is not love.

There is simply no love because we have become selfish to the point that we would rather see everything we have laboured for over generations to go to hell rather than to change. There is no love now but there was once love and true love never dies but lives for eternity in the heart of the Christ.

Adrian and Andrew this letter is dedicated to you twins from Windsor Park and the day it is published my play “La Muerte de un Sueno” will premiere at Teatro de Esterode de Montecallado in Cuba. I am there now but I shall return, resurrect the dream because the vision has survived the death of the dream. You both must continue your music in spite of the nay sayers because there is love; much love!


  1. I am afraid that Dr Frank needs to take the log out of his own eye as he ignores the multitude of good and loving people in the country doing loving actions every day. The people going into the prisons, the people delivering meals to shut ins, the Cancer society getting donations to treat people who cannot afford to pay for treatment.
    These loving people have humility and do not boast of their quiet service to their fellows. How dare you ignore them?

  2. MY grandma use to say love die a long time ago.The christian ways has been replace with the modern times,and love by the evil of money. as long as people continue to be black listed for political and religious point of views love will never rise of the grave. Feed your enemy when he is hungry give him water when he is thirsty.There’s only money now and that,s our GOD millions of dollars could be used to help the poor instead of building churches,tents would save these organizations billions.WHICH church was Jesus from. Love covers all sin people and it’s the true religion. PEACE…

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