Don’t repeat election mistakes

Letter to the Editor

We do not feel that the Cayman Islands need another three Members of the Legislative Assembly by increasing from 15 to 18 MLAs and from five to seven ministers as the constitution provides. Nor should the public have to pay for them. 

More capable MLAs are what are needed. It would be better to pay fewer ministers on a performance basis eg. a bonus for following the fiscal responsibility sections in the law and having a surplus (without extra taxes) and for getting published consolidated audits for the past seven years spending of several billion dollars. During our four terms in government we had audited accounts and surpluses without a bonus and with smaller salaries! 

This is another of the new constitution’s unnecessary new expenditures (and there are several others to come) promoted by the last PPM Government, which made or caused heavy expenditures on roads, the two new schools and the new administration building. These are one of the causes of the recent heavy increase in taxes and new taxes on the public and our children; taxes that will remain for many years to come. 

Quality (and capability) not quantity of ministers and MLA’s should be the electorate’s aim at the next elections. The electorate should look at the past political record of candidates and do not repeat past election mistakes or the public will pay even more dearly! 


John McLean 

Truman Bodden 

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