Cayman Automotive: Peace of mind for Cayman’s motorists

On Friday, 21 September, the new Traffic Law came into effect, something that for John Felder, President of Cayman Automotive was the culmination of many years of hard work and the realization of a dream. The new Traffic Law made it possible for the first time ever to register all-electric cars in the Cayman Islands.

Mr Felder’s vision was to offer Cayman motorists a zero emission, eco-friendly mode of transport that would be in keeping with the Islands’ pristine natural environment. Although Cayman Automotive was the first business in the Caribbean region to introduce electric vehicles back in 2009, it has taken until now for these to be legal on Cayman’s roads.

Not only does Cayman Automotive have a wide range of electric vehicles available, including the Wheego, Tazzari, Think City, BYD, Mitsubishi , Zero Motorcycles and GEM by Polaris, but the company has been instrumental in designing a network of solar charging stations, so that electric vehicle owners can charge their cars at various locations across the island, and because the charging stations are solar powered, motorists can drive and charge their electric vehicles with zero carbon footprint.

Commercial Electric Vehicles
Keen to provide greener options for the business community as well as the private motorist, Cayman Automotive has recently established a partnership with Smith Electric Vehicles, introducing to the Caribbean the first fleet of 100 per cent electric commercial trucks and vans.

With a range of up to 150 miles on a single charge, smooth acceleration and available in multiple configurations, these vehicles are ideal for businesses needing to make multiple deliveries in urban areas. Not only do they provide a superior comfort for the driver, who does not have to contend with the noise or fumes of a gasoline-power vehicle, but the savings in terms of maintenance are significant: with only four moving parts (versus 1000 in an internal combustion engine) the maintenance and service costs are significantly lower. Add to this the savings at the pump and it makes business sense to go electric.

With zero emissions, Smith Electric Vehicles are not releasing any harmful gases into the atmosphere, nor is their operation depending on fossil fuels, so they tick all the green boxes.

Electric Cars for Rent
Electric vehicles make sense not only for local businesses but are also tie in well with the Cayman Islands’ tourism product.  Visitors come to Cayman to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the islands, the beauty of the reefs and some of the unique flora and fauna of the islands. Such people will be reassured that these islands are safeguarding their environment and working towards a greener future.

On the same day the legislation was passed to allow electric vehicles on Cayman roads, the Alexander Hotel in Cayman Brac became the first hotel in the Caribbean to offer the Wheego Life electric car for daily rental.

Buying, leasing and selling
Cayman Automotive  was the first company in the Caribbean to import US spec vehicles and provide mechanical breakdown coverage. The company’s core business is the leasing and sale of new and pre-owned US spec vehicles.

Leasing a vehicle can prove an ideal solution for the many expats in Grand Cayman who often find when they arrive, that securing dependable, affordable and safe transportation can be a challenge.

As the premier leasing company in the Caribbean. Cayman Automotive offers services not  found on any other islands in the region. The Executive Platinum Leasing Plan is the first all-inclusive leasing plan that provides all insurance coverage, mechanical breakdown coverage (24/7), airport pick-up and delivery (in your own vehicle 24/7) and all scheduled maintenance. Cayman Automotive tailors plans to fit all budgets and believe their satisfied clients are their best advertisement.

Their exclusive warranty has saved customers thousands of dollars in repair expenses. The service centre provides a world-class after-sales experience that keeps their customers satisfied long after the sale is made.

If you are leaving the island and have a vehicle to sell in a hurry for a fair price Cayman Automotive’s , consignment  sales process is the answer: for a small fee, they advertise your vehicle, handle all transfer paperwork and deliver the cheque to you, without you having to do a thing.

In short, Cayman Automotive sells peace of mind.

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