Celebrating 25 years of excellence!

CIREBA is pleased to celebrate 25 Years of Real Estate Excellence in the Cayman Islands. Through the vision of several local real estate agents, all with the desire to unify the industry and create a higher standard of practice in the local real estate business, The Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA) was established in 1987.

Founding CIREBA members understood 25 years ago that professional knowledge and conduct were important to real estate customers. As it was founded, the Association’s purpose was to promote cooperation and regulation of realtors, two elements that are crucial for a healthy and respected industry.

CIREBA is well known for its Multiple Listing System (MLS), a database of pertinent details of all the properties handled by its members. The MLS raises your sales success rate because all member agents pool information, resulting in increased market exposure. It is also an essential tool allowing agents to be up-to-the-minute on changes in property details.

What may be lesser known is that CIREBA maintains a substantive training requirement which includes instruction on the latest applications of Cayman Islands laws as they affect real estate, including contract law and laws governing Cayman Islands registered companies and their duties to their clients and customers.

Further adherence to a strict code of ethics is also required. Membership in CIREBA is gained only after passing a series of exams on all of the above.
Since membership is voluntary, companies who meet the criteria demonstrate their commitment (and re-commitment through mandatory on-going training) to the highest standards of practice. Sound policies are just the start.

CIREBA also monitors their members’ transactions and conduct, and a company may lose their membership for non-compliance or unethical dealing.
Buying, Selling or Investing? Ask for the help of a CIREBA qualified agent and the MLS system. We have been successful for the past 25 years!


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