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For over 25 years Stafford Flooring has been providing floor covering solutions for residential and commercial clients in Grand Cayman, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Stafford Flooring has some of the most stylish and durable flooring available in many finishes from Porcelain, Mosaic, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate, Cork, Bamboo and Commercial Carpet.

Green Tiles from Iris
The air-purifying qualities of plants and trees, and their ability to store carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants are well documented. But did you know that certain synthetic products have similar abilities?

The Active Photocatalytic Ceramic Tile, manufactured by Iris Porcelain is one such revolutionary product line. Active Ceramic is able to absorb Nitrogen Oxides, a type of air pollutant, from the atmosphere.

Nitrogen Oxides are caused by combustion and can cause smog, acid rain and contribute to global warming. They are also harmful to human health, and can lead to visual and respiratory problems.

Active Ceramic has the ability to significantly reduce pollutants in the air as well as almost totally eliminating any bacteria which rests on it.

The photocatalyitic properties of the tiles mean they must be exposed to sunlight and moisture in order to successfully break down certain bacteria and pollutants. Tests show that a 270 square feet floor or wall covered in Active Ceramic Tile will eliminate as many atmospheric pollutants as a tree planted in the centre of the room would.

Available in as many colours and sizes as a standard tile, and at the same price, wouldn’t you choose the air purifying, anti-bacterial properties of Active Ceramic? It is suitable for both floors and walls, indoors or outdoors.

Stafford Flooring will be showcasing Active Photocatalytic Ceramic at the upcoming CayShop tradeshow, alongside a selection of their other surface solutions.

The Team looks forward to you stopping by to discuss the Active Ceramic Products as well as their extensive array of additional floor covering solutions.

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