The truth about Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment is about people, business, trust and relationships–all factors that are often complex and can be misconstrued, but with the right combination can also result in an exceptionally positive outcome.

In the often untrusting world of business, recruitment agencies can be misconceived from both a candidate and a client perspective.

“Misconception is a view or opinion that is incorrect because based on faulty thinking or understanding”. In other words there is no truth or factual evidence to base judgments that often turn out to be wholly incorrect.

The most common theories seem to be (so Google informs me), that agencies charge their candidates a fee, do not provide temporary staff with benefits, or act in what is referred to as a ‘shark-like’ manner. For SteppingStones this is categorically not true.

Not only would we never take payment from a candidate or subject them to a career with no benefits, we would also never push our candidates, or our clients, into a situation that they were not entirely comfortable with. The idea of recruitment agencies is to provide a service, to make life easier, not to confuse processes by making demands or acting unprofessionally.

Recruitment is a sector that is evolving constantly and nowhere more so than in Cayman. Due to the multi-cultural environment and constant business development there is a greater need for staff but also for immigration, HR, and payroll services. SteppingStones pride ourselves on having a wealth of combined knowledge which allows us to provide these services at the top level.

For us consumer awareness is of the utmost importance. What matters is that our clients and our candidates are happy and feel as if they are being given the best personal service and the most information that we can possibly provide.

SteppingStones will have a large presence featured at the Business Expo on 25th, 26th and 27th October at The Arc in Camana Bay. To enhance the perception that you have of recruitment agencies, please do come and have a chat with us–it could be just the opportunity you have been looking for! 


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