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Whether you are dealing with a business or a home, security is always a concern. For over 25 years, Island Electronics has been providing security and monitoring services to keep your home and business secure.

With on Island alarm monitoring, the company is ready to verify the nature of the alarm, dispatch their highly trained response team and liaise with 911. Island Electronics will also be able to guide you to find the system that is right for you and your business and get the installation done right.

A new system from Island Electronics can help you improve security and also bring a greater level of integration to your home or business.

The Tuxedo Touch system from Honeywell can integrate with many existing Honeywell security systems but adds a high level of home integration to the system.

The system is controlled from a proprietary touch interface which replaces one of the existing keypads, but smartphones and tablets can also be used for controlling the system through the installation of an app.

This will allow you to control a wide range of compatible devices from traditional security peripherals like lights, locks and cameras to window shades and thermostats.

The Tuxedo Touch system is based around a seven inch touch screen keypad that can fulfil a wide range of features, from a controller to a camera viewer. You can view the feeds of up to four cameras at once on the screen.

The icon based interface makes it easy to operate and the system even includes training videos in order to guide you through the setting up of various operations.

The Tuxedo Touch can control up to 232 Z-Wave enabled devices, with the list of compatible devices growing daily. Once these are paired with the control, scenes can be set up so for example when you activate the alarm in away mode, the thermostat shuts the air conditioning off, only to turn it back on when you disarm the system when you arrive back home, which can lead to significant energy savings.

Due to the built in web server, you can even view feeds and control functions remotely.

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