Greg belts them out

Cayman Associated School of Karate held their third and final Youth Graduations for the year at the King’s Sports Centre on Saturday.

Over two graduation ceremonies, CASK saw over 100 youngsters trying for their new belts. The graduation ceremonies were broken into two categories, white and yellow belts testing first, many of whom were going for their first graduation.

Later, the orange belts and above were tested as they displayed skills to the best of their ability. Four of the CASK junior black belts assisted with the graduation by demonstrating and setting a positive example for the other children.

CASK Karate Youth Organisation has existed for seven years under the direction of Sensei Greg Reid, an eighth dan.

Sensei Greg said: “CASK Karate has developed a programme called ‘Best Karate’ which challenges our youths in every category from leadership, respect, Japanese terminology and physical fitness.

“This programme has 14 levels of certification that our youths can attain as they work and develop themselves physically, mentally and spiritually towards their junior black belts.

“We continue to see a high level being achieved by our local karate students as we prepare them for future World Karate Federation and World United karate Organisation world championships.”

CASK teaches Wado Karate, which is one of four Legitimate and recognised styles of karate world-wide. The school is a member of Wado Canada, ISKF, WUKO, and CIKF.

The Cayman Islands Karate Federation is the only recognised federation in the Cayman Islands which is affiliated to the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee.

Starting in November, CASK will be hosting a series of high-level Sport karate seminars. These seminars will be focused on developing the young athletes’ physical and mental abilities to prepare them for sport competition on an international level.

These high performance seminars will use various types of training including plyometric, bag and pad targeting, kata (forms) and kumite (sparring) mental and physical preparation.

For more information about CASK call 925 3367.

For more information about CASK call 925 3367.

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