Intelligent Retail Solutions at Countryside

Located at the intersection of Shamrock Rd and Hirst Road in Savannah, Newlands, Countryside Shopping Village is the prime retail location for the districts of Savannah, Spotts, Prospect, East End, Bodden Town, North Side, and surrounding areas.  

As a result of its excellent location and attractive yet functional layout, it is no coincidence that the businesses at Countryside get exposure to thousands of shoppers each week.   

From a consumer’s perspective, Countryside fills a essential need for residents: a convenient one stop shopping destination for LIME services, Fitness, Banking, Groceries, Hardware, Home Goods, Food, Medical Services, Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition Supplies, Veterinary Services, Pet Supplies, Maternity, Infant & Children’s Clothes, Dressmaking & Alterations,  Insurance, Wines & Spirits, Computer Services, Landscaping Equipment and more. 

From a business person’s perspective, it is a great place to work and do business.  Why sit in traffic on your way into town and again on your way out of town at the end of each workday?  Why pay the extra cost to locate your retail business or office in town and struggle with limited parking and very limited growth potential?

Heritage Holdings Ltd., the primary landlord and Property Manager at Countryside Shopping Village takes great pride in managing the property and assures that each tenant is taken care of and the property is proactively maintained to the highest standards. 

Furthermore, Heritage Holdings offers a collaborative in-house marketing program designed to aid tenants with their TV, Radio, Print and Social Media advertising.  We work hand in hand with our tenants because we want all of our tenants to be successful. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to reposition your business or expand into a new location in the expanding Eastern Districts, Countryside Shopping Village is your intelligent solution.  We currently have prime retail and office spaces available at competitive prices. Call Jason Alberga at 926-3674 for a viewing today! 

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