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Managing energy consumption can make a big difference to the bottom line of any company, especially with the current cost of electricity in the Cayman Islands. It is well known that in the Cayman Islands the biggest single item on any electricity bill is air conditioning cost.

Controlling this expense through the use of an intelligent thermostat unit like the INNCOM unit available from Mechanical Solutions can make a big difference, especially in companies like hotels or educational institutions where multiple rooms each have their own thermostat.

As part of an energy management system, the unit receives input from motion detectors and wireless door switches to determine whether a room is occupied or not. If it is not occupied, the unit will allow the temperature to drift naturally within a certain preset range. It can also limit the lowest set point in order to manage expenses. When an exterior door is open, the unit will also shut down the air conditioning to prevent waste.

The system has already been installed in hundreds of hotel rooms and condo complexes in Cayman, and thousands across the globe.

One case study in Cayman showed that compared to a three month period from May to July without the INNCOM system the company saved around 34 per cent on energy costs the next year with the INNCOM system installed, in spite of a higher occupancy rate for the second three month period. In monetary terms, this resulted in a saving of $323 over a three month period.


Case Study: Condominium in Cayman Islands 
 MAY   JUNE   JULY   3 Month Total
Usage kWh-No EMS787   1044    854    2685
Usage kWh-With EMS590   4417311762
Energy Savings (kWh)197   603   123   923
Percentage Reduction25%57%14%34%

The system was set to allow the temperature to rise by five degrees in unoccupied units, while limiting the lowest set point to 74 degrees.


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