Local producers committee established

The Chamber of Commerce has established a new committee to assist local producers in developing their businesses and to increase awareness of this industry sector and its contributions to the local economy.  

“This is a growing and important industry for the future of the Cayman Islands,” said Chamber President David Kirkaldy.

“Production activity in its many forms creates jobs and opportunities for Caymanian entrepreneurs. All businesses that produce local products are encouraged to get involved in the new committee. One of the main goals will be to promote, protect and support the development of the industry and to improve the methods of production through training and professional development seminars.”

Nelson Dilbert, managing director of Cayman Spirits Ltd., will serve as chairman. Dilbert is passionate in his belief about the potential for the industry and is calling on anyone in the Cayman Islands who produces products locally to contact him to get involved.

“We need to come together and work to address the issues that face our industry. There are challenges that local producers face, which prevent us from increasing market share and are barriers to exporting our products abroad and selling them locally. The committee will provide a network for local producers to come together to address the issues and to recommend strategies that will allow more people to produce products locally.”
Nelson Dilbert

The main objectives of the new committee are to:

  • Promote the development of Cayman Islands locally produced products;
  • Represent the interests of this sector;
  • Assist in improving the method of production through training and professional development seminars;
  • Develop an educational campaign to promote products produced locally;
  • Encourage best practice and technical assistance in energy efficiency, waste treatment and environmental protection;
  • Promote corporate social responsibility and sound corporate governance by local producers

The committee will be developing a special questionnaire to confirm the main concerns and needs of the sector as one of its first tasks once it is established.

“There are far more items produced and sold locally than many people realise. These include artists, authors, crafters, farmers, horticulturalists, jewelers, local and gourmet foods, pastries and bakeries, photographers and wines, spirits and beverage producers. Persons involved in these areas are welcomed to join the committee by contacting Mr. Dilbert at 926-8186 or email at [email protected]
David Kirkaldy

This year’s CAYSHOP event will feature local artists, crafters and farmers who produce local products.  


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