One (345) Collection

The One 345 brand is a traditionally progressive lifestyle brand – a very specific lifestyle. It’s a celebration of Cayman – of island life and of local tradition, culture, language and music.

Founded by Luigi Moxam, an individual committed to preserving his country’s heritage and fostering local musical and artistic talents, One 345 now encompasses both a retail outlet, RestoBar and live music venue.

Da’ One (345) Swanky Shack
The One (345) Swanky Shack, located within Cayman Cabana (formerly Hammerheads) sells a variety of locally produced goods, including rum cakes, works by local artists, CDs by local musicians, Seven Fathoms rum and of course, their unique clothing brand.

The tanks tops and T shirts bear phrases and sayings typical of Cayman, that have been shared for generations (Nah Today Bobo, Ya Man) as well as some clever plays on words (Cayman Irelands, All My Beaches Love Me) and more.

Cayman Cabana Oceanside RestoBar
Enjoying a prime waterfront position in downtown George Town, Cayman Cabana is a destination within a destination and Caymans first and only RestoBar, a place where people enjoy life, food, drink and even a show!

More than merely a bar and restaurant this is a place where you can buy a fresh fish from the fisherman, snorkel on the wreck just offshore, enjoy stunning sunsets, listen to local musicians play live, and indulge in some fish tea and Swanky Juice. It is the place to experience the genuinely authentic life and style of the Cayman Islands with a refreshed perspective on Caribbean Fusion cuisine, entertainment, culture, art, style and life.


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