Your own personal assistant

The last thing you need during a busy day at the office is to have to take care of life’s little surprises. For those with a Personal Assistant the problem is easily solved, but for most, running around like crazy over lunch hour trying to get things done has been the only way to cope.

MY Personal Concierge Services aims to take care of your to do list so you can get on with the important things in life. That means you have fewer things to worry about, you can be less stressed and your to do list can actually get done, without the rest of your life falling behind in the process.

Whether it is picking up the dry cleaning or transporting pets to the vet or the groomer, MY Personal Concierge Services can take care of all those little things that tend to get in the way of your day.

No one enjoys standing in line to get their car licensed and insured, or trying to find the time to get it serviced. Why not put this company in the driver’s seat and let them take care of it instead?

MY Personal Concierge Services can even organise your event for you, anything from small parties to weddings, baby showers to special events. All parties include invitations, food and drink at market price, decorating, music and entertainment.

The company also offers shopping services, covering everything from shopping for a gift for a special occasion to grocery shopping and taking care of returns and exchanges.

MY Personal Concierge Service also has a business referral service which can help you find reliable service providers, whether to fix a water leak at home or provide house sitting services.

MY Personal Concierge Services can even provide relocation services, including home and rental unit evaluations, liaising with moving companies on your behalf, and organising property utilities where necessary.

For businesses, offering the service to their employees can also lead to greater productivity as the employees will have less need to spend time dealing with domestic distractions and can focus more effectively on work.

MY Personal Concierge Service operates during regular business hours, from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and by appointment on weekends. Services outside normal business hours can also be negotiated.

The company prides itself on handling your needs in a confidential, efficient, timely and most importantly, professional manner, leaving you with more time to spend on your business, your family, or just doing the things you would rather be doing.


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