Road Rules

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The country’s new Traffic Law paved the way for electric cars to operate legally on Cayman Islands streets. Cayman Automotive CEO John Felder had been pushing for the change for seven years.

Following the change to the law and approval of the necessary regulations, Mr. Felder sold several electric vehicles to Grand Cayman owners and planned to offer electric vehicles for lease on Cayman Brac.

The new law also outlawed the use of cell phones while driving in Cayman. Any driver caught using a cell phone without a hands-free device is liable to get a $150 ticket. The new law also added definitions for “careless” and “inconsiderate” driving, and increased fines for traffic-related offenses, with fines that were $20 now increased to $100 and fines that were $25 increased to $200.

Meanwhile, Cayman’s “road code” was updated for the first time in nearly 40 years. Two issues that the new regulations address are how to navigate single and dual carriage roundabouts properly, and a new requirement for all taxis to operate with electronic meters showing how much the customer is being charged for the trip

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