Fall Ball keeps swinging ahead

Little League baseball in Cayman continues to push on.

The Cayman Islands Little League Fall Ball programme has gone well heading into the second month of the season. The 2012 campaign, which started in mid-September, has seen smaller numbers but most of the kids find the programme to be instructive, developmental and fun.

Little League board member Sara MacKay stated in passing that the goal of Fall Ball rests in recreation.

“Fall Ball is running on a pick-up basis,” MacKay said. “Players are invited to come and participate on teams when they can. It’s a good atmosphere though, as always, Little League could use more coaches.”

Fall Ball practices are taking place three times a week at 5.30pm at the Field of Dreams facility in George Town. Single A (for kids aged 9-10) and Double A (11-12) take the field on Tuesdays, with Pony (7-8) and Girls Softball (11-16) on Wednesdays and Triple A (13-15) on Thursdays.

Games, which run until 1 December, are slated for every Friday from 5pm and on Saturdays from 4pm. On Fridays, T-Ball (5-6) and Pony play at 5.15-6.30pm with A at 6.45-8pm. On Saturdays, Girls Softball is at 4-5.30pm with AA and AAA at 6-7.30pm.

Little League action will soon have more flair via scoreboards. Two are currently in place with two more on the way, all made possible by donations from the last auction. There are plans for score-keeping clinics in the near future.

Fall Ball comes as the co-ed softball playoffs are ongoing. In addition, the annual general meeting is slated for Tuesday, 30 October, at 6pm in the upstairs clubhouse at the Field of Dreams.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call Latoya McField at 945-3553

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