Windmill isn’t appreciated

As a Caymanian I am concerned about the legality of the installation of windmills in residential areas.

First of all, let me say that I am proud to by a Caymanian and plan to return in the near future, but I am seeing some obstacles that have increased my level of concern. Example: My neighbour is installing a windmill. Apparently he is doing so legally, but its location is less than 500 feet from my house. I am very upset about my quality of life and property value.

Windmills are wonderful nonpolluting generators if erected in the proper areas but not in the middle of a residential area.

For the first time since the USA started promoting wind power, environmental officials have recommended shutting down wind turbines because of elevated noise levels that they described as unacceptable to local residents and bird populations. These problems exist right here in Forked River and Union Beach, NJ. Also in Boston, Massachusetts and various other states.

So the question remains, is it legal in Cayman to install a windmill in a residential area without first notifying and getting the approval of your neighbours?

I would like to see this be researched and studied and any previous permit issued be withdrawn.

Our parrots and other birds leaving would be sad, which is what is happening in the United States, and we may have to leave with them.

Again, I want to emphasise that I am all for windmill generators, but they should be erected where they are the least objectionable to all.

Ike Welcome

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