Get tangled up in Clever Knots’ music

Clever Knots is a Cayman band which is showcasing at Live on the Paseo on Friday, 26 October. The Camana Bay appearance runs from 7pm and is completely free. Weekender grabbed the lads for a quick chat.

Who is in the band and what instruments do you play?

Rich Dyer – keys, guitar, bass and vox; Sean Ebanks – guitar, bass, vox; Adrian Ebanks – drums

When did you get together and why?

Rich was looking to write music with someone and saw Sean playing at an open mic in summer 2008, he approached him and they changed details … after Sean scoped out Rich playing at a different open mic the two got together and started writing acoustic music together … Adrian (Sean’s little brother) joined the band in 2010 to give Clever Knots a loud full band side too …

What’s the story behind the name?

Sean is official king of words, he gave Rich two options for the band name and Rich chose one – people can take their own meaning from it.

Can you describe the styles you play?

Original and eclectic, a wide mix of genres including folk, rock, blues, jazz, reggae.

What are Cayman’s favourite songs?

Boneyard gets the most radio play (cheers Z99!), Newspaper Hero is the most requested at gigs

What are your favourite gigs / moments over the years?

We love the local gigs at Brick House, Camana Bay, etc. The most memorable though were probably opening for The Wailers in 2011, and then opening for John Legend earlier this year,

Do you have any new releases / interesting gigs coming up?

Our debut album Which Books to Burn is available on iTunes, Amazon etc – or pick up a CD locally. And we are headlining the Hard Rock stage at the Pirate’s Week Street Dance and Food Festival on 9 November,

Do you have regular gigs?

We don’t play anywhere regularly but alternate between gigging and writing, we’ll be busy gigging over Xmas though so join our Facebook page to keep up with the dates.

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