Local riders ready to battle Caribbean foes on home soil

Local equestrian is gearing up for its next big meet.

The Equestrian Centre is staging the next round of the Caribbean Equestrian Association Dressage competition on Saturday, 3 November, at 3pm.

For the competition, the same judge visits all of the participating countries including Bermuda, Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica. In 2011, the children’s team won this event and the adult team came third. Cayman riders have been training hard to place well again this year.

To that end, the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation held a dressage training show last Friday and dressage clinics throughout the week at the equestrian centre. Leading the sessions, aimed at adult and youth riders, was Cindy Thraxton, a highly experienced United States Dressage Federation certified dressage instructor.

The dressage training show allowed all of the riders to demonstrate the skills they had learnt in their classes. A number of residents excelled as Jessica McTaggart won the Adult Priz St. George category on Ray of Light and claimed the Adult Medium class on Monroe Carr.

Cari Nelson, on Dexter, won the children’s B Test at 68.125 per cent. She was ahead of Jenna Boucher, on Katrina, who scored 58.438 per cent. Chloe Fowler, on Shirley Temple, won the children’s C Test at 66.750 per cent; ahead of Ashley Van den Bol, on Twinkle, who scored 63.50 per cent.

Phoebe Serpell, on Me and My Shadow, won the Children’s Preliminary at 65.862 per cent. She would edger her sister Polly Serpell, on Rambo, who scored 65.345 per cent. Thea Millward, on Iggy Pop, was third at 63.103 per cent.

Jenique Smith, on Odin, scored 67.250 per cent to easily win the Adult C Test while Charlotte Hinds, on Monroe Carr, dominated the Adult Preliminary category with a score of 65.172 per cent.

For more information, call Milly Serpell on 926-1551

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