Movies and outdoor creativity scheduled for Cayman Brac event

Cayman Brac is a fine place to be, whether indoors or out.

This is evidenced eloquently by two events which you can experience in the same day, namely Saturday, 3 November.

First off, at 9am there’s an hour’s Outdoor Painting class which is free for residents and $10 for visitors, which includes use of art supplies.

“Meet at the West End Park, Cayman Brac to paint from nature,” exhorts the National Gallery info. “Take advantage of this National Gallery plain air class to record the beauty of the island.”

Maybe we will, and if we do we can find out more at 939-5306 or [email protected]

Later that night, the Cine Club meets at Alexander Hotel for the 6pm kickoff for the legendary Kubrick Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This extraordinary film has retained all of its awesome atmosphere for four decades and the suggested donation of $5 is cheap indeed.

I’m off now. My mind is going. I can feel it.

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