Frankie will get waves of support

Businessman and philanthropist Frankie Flowers has put so much time and money into raising the profile of open water swimming in the Cayman Islands that he has been nominated for a World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year accolade. It is fully deserved for a man who genuinely loves the sport and never seeks praise. 

This award honours efforts or swims that best embody the spirit of open water swimming and the sense of adventure, tenacity and perseverance that open water swimmers are known for. 

Also, the world renowned annual Flowers Sea Swim in June has been nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year awards. It is the richest open water swim on the planet with over $100,000 in cash prizes and giveaways thanks to Frankie’s year-round drive and vision. 

Olympic and world champion swimmers regularly attend the Flowers Sea Swim which has enormous respect for its excellent organisation and friendliness.  

Flowers lassoes his vast network of business associates, government officials, tourism industry and volunteers of all ages and walks of life to make the Cayman Islands the hot spot in the open water swimming world every summer. 

Flowers said: “I am truly humbled by this nomination. The Flowers Sea Swim has been my passion project for over two decades and it is an honour to have the event recognised on this level. This is an incredible accolade not only for the Flowers Sea Swim but the Cayman Islands.”  

His daughter Dara Flowers Burke deserves credit for all her work too. She is absolutely ecstatic. “For Papa Frank and the Flowers Sea Swim to be selected in such a prestigious category of exceptional members of the Global Open Water Swimming Community is amazing,” she said. “The Flowers Sea Swim is a labour of love for our team and to be recognised for that is awesome.  

“Cayman has such a strong swimming community, the backbone of the Flowers Sea Swim has always been the volunteers, swimmers, walkers, sponsors and even spectators. The heartfelt support has been incredible and everyone has offered a lot of positive feedback about this nomination.  

“This nomination will boost attendance of visitors to the Cayman Islands and highlight the magnificent swimming conditions here. We want the world to experience our pristine waters and beautiful beaches.  

“Our goal for the Flowers Sea Swim is to make the event better every year. Next, we want to attract more marathon swimmers. We believe that Cayman can continue to make waves in the global swimming community.”  

Online voting is now open until 31 December. To show support and appreciation to Frankie Flowers, vote for him by going to and clicking on the 
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