Last week of Poppy Appeal

The poppy symbolises peace, compassion and hope and shortly after World War I was chosen as a token of remembrance for everyone who has suffered the tragedy of War.

In the autumn of each year the Cayman Islands Veteran Association launches its annual fundraising campaign by pinning the first poppy on the Governor of the Cayman Islands. This signifies the beginning of the Poppy campaign in which all patriotic people in the Cayman Islands join him in proudly wearing their Poppy and showing the rest of the world that they remember – Freedom comes with a price.

Poppies are offered at schools, supermarkets, the new government building, corporate offices and other venues and kind donations are accepted in return.

Donations received from the Poppy Appeal Campaign are the major source of income for the nonprofit Cayman Islands Veteran Association. These monies are used locally to assist our members and their widows to help defray such expenses as overseas medical care, emergency alert devices, mobility aids, care-givers, appliances, groceries, home repairs and funeral expenses.

The members who receive help range from the elderly who are on fixed incomes all the way to younger veterans who hit a bump in the road. In the spirit of the Uniformed Services, we strive to take care of our own.

The Poppy Appeal concludes each year with the Remembrance Day Services in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac when those Caymanians who fell in the Second World War are particularly remembered.

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