Pirates, wenches, parrots and a party

Once the pirates have landed, pillaging and plundering their way through George Town and capturing their wenches along the way, they’ll be heading down to the Royal Watler Terminal to celebrate their victory.

Spin FM presents Wenches VIII at the Green Parrot – a pretty apt venue for a pirate party, all things considered – on Saturday, 10 November.

Starting in the afternoon, and going on until the bewitching hour, bars and DJs will set up outdoors and there’s going to be some great live music from Business Time to get the party started as the sun goes down.

It’s open to all and you’ll be able to quench that pirate thirst with special deals on Miller Lite and Abuelo Rum all night long.

The folks at Spin have a line up of DJs to keep things lively throughout the evening, with Brooklyn Earrick, Doug Jonesian and Big E all having their turn in the spotlight.

So if you’re still standing after the pirates have landed, head to the Green Parrot for refreshments, tunes and good times.

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