Prince honours Mr. Russell

Former Cayman Islands Governor and long time Veterans Association’s representative at the Royal Commonwealth Ex-services League Headquarters in London, Mr. Thomas Russell, has been honoured by the League’s Grand President His Royal Highness The Prince Philip with appointment as Vice President for Life of the RCEL.

The RCEL has 57 member organisations in 47 countries including the Cayman Islands.

Many Caymanians will remember Mr. Russell with great fondness from his time as governor. The Cayman Islands is one of many overseas areas where he served the Crown subsequent to his release from active military duty following World War II. Since his retirement, he has served CIVA and the RCEL with distinction in a number of capacities.

CIVA’s President Captain Dale Banks lauded Mr. Russell for his many years of dedicated service to the welfare of veterans not only in Cayman but throughout the Commonwealth.

“Mr. Russell is a genuine military hero who was wounded and taken prisoner by the Germans during World War II. His background affords him a unique insight into the great debt that is owed to those who served to keep us free,” he said. “CIVA is fortunate and honoured to have his advice and counsel and we look forward to having him as a member for many years to come. We at CIVA are extremely proud of him and offer him our heartiest congratulations on this distinctive achievement.”

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