Who needs a fairy godmother?

If anyone’s in need of a makeover, it’s me. I have a terrible habit of sticking my hair in a bun, wearing no makeup, and constantly donning black clothes. Therefore the forces of NKY Collections and Le Visage at Camana Bay decided to accept their mission of trying to transform this funereal duck into a swan with the help of quality designer clothes and makeup. 

It was a sunny Wednesday morning when I arrived at Camana Bay with my trusty videographer, Stuart. Nicola de Lima, owner of NKY, had already picked out some outfits for me to try. I confess that I had always thought her shop was only for the slender of my kind, so I was surprised to see that she had a good variety of dresses and tops that would fit me. Knowing me as she does, she had also made sure that there was almost no black to speak of in any of the patterns. She was determined to get me into some colour! 

Stuart happily set up the camera outside the dressing room, and I came out modelling one lovely outfit after the next. Orange, blue, gold…I donned them all and emerged like a butterfly from its chrysalis. The wonderful thing about the clothes that NKY stocks is that they are created from beautiful materials that really flatter the shape. Nicola also only brings in a few of each style, so there are no twin mishaps on the red carpet. She carries some pretty fantastic names, such as Herve Leger, Halston Heritage, Diane von Furstenberg and BCBG. 

Once we had chosen the perfect dress, it was off to Le Visage to have my face done. Owner and makeup professional Sharron Eyers knew exactly what to do to bring out my best features. She began with Elemis products to prep my skin, followed by Stila base, powder and blush. Then it was time to tackle my eyes. Sharron turned to the master, Kevin Aucoin for guidance. His eyeshadows and mascara go on beautifully and last for hours. By the time she had finished, I no longer resembled the dowdy individual that had walked through her door. I was radiant! 

Sharron offers professional makeup application and lessons. She is the perfect choice when you have a special occasion, and has made many a bride feel like a princess on her big day. 

At the end of my makeover session I looked like a million bucks. NKY will have all the clothes and accessories you need for parties over the festive season, and Le Visage can add the finishing touches with products from Elemis, Stila, Kevin Aucoin and Penhaligons. Between them they will truly make you sparkle this Christmas. 


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