Education plan deadline today

This Friday marks the last day for the public to give their input on the Cayman Islands Strategic Plan for Education 2012-2017.

The public participation phase of the exercise is the last step before the plans are fully implemented.

After first putting in place a stabilisation plan based on four factors, which included Enhancing Leadership and Governance, Enhancing Student Performance, Enhancing Skill for Work Readiness and Improve and expand early childhood care and education. These led to six strategic goals that form the crux of the plan for how the education system in the Cayman Islands will function for the next five years.

The six strategic goals include Building a World Class Early Childhood Care and Education System; Securing High Standards and Improving Student Progress and Achievement; Building safer school communities and promoting inclusion; Enhancing Skills for Learning, Life and Work; Engaging Parents as Partners in their Children’s Learning; and Strengthening Leadership and Building National Capacity.

“Action plans will be developed and supervised by line managers and project leaders. Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will be in place to ensure that the plan is effectively and efficiently implemented. These mechanisms include structured timelines, action plans, targets and milestones,” explained Education Minister Rolston Anglin.

In relation to the six strategic goals, each will be under the leadership and management of a strategic goal project leader and monitored through monthly progress reports. Targets will be set for each part of the plan and for each strategic goal, milestones will be developed marking the achievement or completion of a phase. Timelines will also be worked out for all key actions in the plan.

Mr. Anglin outlined how this plan would create a culture of educational excellence that would transcend politics.

“The plan needs to be able to survive changes in government. We cannot stagnate, and as such, the Education Law will stipulate a national strategic plan be considered every five years. This ensures that we are pro-actively meeting our education needs. We have to change but we also have to make sure these changes are impactful.”

Individuals interested in participating in the public consultation process for the Cayman Islands Strategic Plan for Education should visit There they will be able to complete a consultation survey, as well as access the Draft Strategic Plan for Education 2012-2017, a link to the Public Consultation Survey and a document of achievements within the Cayman Islands Education System.

“This draft is the product of a lot of hard work and wide representation and we are now looking to go even further to make sure that all stakeholders have a say in what kind of education system we want for the Cayman Islands and we are encouraging all to participate,” noted Chief Officer in the Ministry of Education Mary Rodrigues.

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