Historic Bodden Town shows its culture

The first capital of the Cayman Islands, Bodden Town, takes centre stage today, Tuesday, 13 November, with a busy and brilliant Heritage Day. 

The initial seat of government was also home to legendary governors including Wood, Webster and of course the renowned force of nature that was William Bodden. In 1831, the decision was taken to form an elected assembly at Pedro Castle with the first legislation from the elected members passed on the very last day of that year. 

Bodden Town is home to the Guard House Hill, The Slave Wall, The Pirates Caves, The Mission House, a monument erected in memory of Queen Victoria, Gun Square with relics of piracy and other attractions. 

Some believe that treasure is still hidden in the caves and along the coast of the former capital, hidden by such names of the past as Neal ‘Needle’ Walker. Whether you believe in that or not, the truth is that Bodden Town – and its people – are true treasures of the Cayman Islands. 

They’re setting out to prove it with their Heritage Day, which also includes Savannah. It takes place at Harry McCoy Sr. Park on Gun Square Road. 

Following the official opening at midday, there’s a welcome at 1pm by MLA Dwayne Seymour, whose timing is great because that’s also when the food stalls open. 

There’s a whole bunch of amazing treats to try, including fish fritters, turtle, conch, Miss Norma Berry’s special heavy cakes, Meilio fresh tamarind, guava and grape juices plus Cayman almond candies. Now, we’re not advising that you have all of these at once, but you might want to spend some time choosing in advance so that when you get there, you get straight to the good stuff without any messing about. 

At 2pm, there’s a tour of the Ms Josie Centre and Mission House, so we can all get into the history of this marvellous place. Look out at 4pm for an invasion of pirates including Blackbeard and his first mate, Dee Gee, plus those Seattle Seafair reprobates. Half an hour after that, Governor Duncan Taylor and Premier McKeeva Bush are slated to turn up, plus guests. 

More delicious eats at 5pm with the Snapper Cook Off – we trust you have saved some room for it – then at 6pm there’s the introduction of the Festival Queen. 

Fireworks take place at Coe Wood Beach from 7pm and then there’s music and partying to take us to the end of another awesome day in the gorgeous surroundings of Bodden Town. 

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