Festival of Trees is a-comin’

Christmas. There, we said it. But, hey, let’s face it, it’s not that long off now, so we may as well get into the spirit, or spirits as the case may be.

One Cayman tradition around this time of year is the annual Festival of Trees event, which takes place up at Camana Bay starting on Monday, 19 November. Viewings all week for this free event are between 5.30 and 7.30pm. It’s a big fundraiser for the ace Central Caribbean Marine Institute, which as we know does brill work in research and conservation.

On Monday, too, there’s a Primary School Carol Competition, which will showcase the great new singers growing up here in paradise. This also serves as a launch for the festival, in which sponsors decorate their trees in many ingenious ways. At the end of the festival, there’s a special dinner at which the trees will be auctioned off.

The idea is a grand one and no wonder it’s been a fixture around these parts for several years.

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