Air industry visits Cayman for executives conference

Grand Cayman was the centre of all things aviation during a special Airport Executives Conference. 

The get-together was held at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort on Friday, 9 November and brought delegates from around the world to discuss matters ranging from certification to redevelopment, safety, construction and even hostage taking. 

The event coincided with 60 years of land-based aviation in the Cayman Islands, noted Richard Arch of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority. 

Jeremy Jackson, chief executive officer of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, said it was the first such conference since his authority had come into being in 2004. 

He told delegates that he and his colleagues had noted that other destinations and regional bodies held similar conferences over the years and in a meeting with his counterpart in Turks & Caicos Islands he realised that problems and issues were similar across different territories. Conferences such as this were therefore useful. 

Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush welcomed delegates and said that the last 60 years were “a milestone”. 

“I am more than pleased I can be part of such a celebration,” the premier said. 

He noted that key members of the regional industry getting together would be beneficial not just to the Cayman Islands, but also the Caribbean. Mr. Bush said that commercial aviation had been a factor of development for many countries and regions and was the key not just to tourism but also the financial sector. 

Delegates were also able to take advantage of Pirates Week festivities during the weekend which followed. 

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