Cayman Brac carries off celebrations with class

Pirates Week 2012 comes to an amazing conclusion with the annual Cayman Brac Celebration, taking place from Friday, 23 to Sunday, 25 November. 

The Brac is just 14 square miles but it has enough caves, coastline, trails and attractions to keep visitors busy. It’s the second largest of the three Cayman Islands. With a population of less than 2,000, Cayman Brac is a friendly, laid-back destination where relaxation is the order of the day. 

There are some glorious dive sites off Cayman Brac, including a renowned ship wreck dive at the MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts off the north shore. To find out about the fascinating history of the Brac, visit the Cayman Brac Museum, the oldest in the Cayman Islands. 

Brac is a Gaelic word for bluff and the island is named for its 140-foot high bluff – the highest elevation in the Cayman Islands. The District Administration Office can arrange free, tailor-made tours for visitors. The many caves on the Brac serve as sites for tours and also shelter during hurricanes and severe weather. 

The Heritage Festival begins on Friday, 23 November. The Heritage Day is at Spot Bay Park and runs from midday through to 8pm – lots of traditional arts, crafts, games, demonstrations and, of course, that famous Cayman Brac cuisine will be on offer. The Pirates Airport Welcome is at 7pm – not exactly the most traditional way for pirates to invade an island, but one of the more dramatic ones. No doubt they’ll be wanting to grab a couple of glasses of grog from 9am at the special Pirates Welcome Party, which is held at Edd’s Place – the festivities go on until the definitely pirate-friendly hour of 2am. Yo ho ho, and no doubt a bottle of rum or two will be in evidence as well. 

Definitely fun for all the family here, so head down to the venue and check out all the festivities. 

The parade begins at Alexander Hotel from 4.30pm, and then at 7pm Scotts Dock is the venue for the awesome fireworks display that will make everyone so happy. 

Things continue on Sunday, 25 November with the afternoon dominoes tournament, again at Edd’s Place. Things come to a nifty end with the Pirates farewell seafood feast, scavenger hunt and movie at the Alexander Hotel. Plenty there to ease down a couple of gears whilst also giving Cayman’s National Festival, presented by SaxonMG, the kudos it deserves. 


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