Lighthouse School celebrates heritage

Lighthouse School in enjoyed a day of fun and excitement celebrating Heritage Day last week in Grand Cayman. 

A number of volunteers within the community made a special effort to lend their services on Friday, 16 November by storytelling, music, games, craft and other activities so the students could have a fun day. 

The event was organised as part of Heritage Week during the observation of Pirates Week to give students the opportunity to interact with people and have fun while learning more about 
Caymanian cultural heritage. 

The day was filled with much to see and do as visitors joined in the number of activities and demonstrations provided. 

Quincy Brown entertained students with his comical expressions and yesteryear tales, while Twyla Vargas shared tales from Granny’s back yard. Meanwhile, Alvin McLaughlin provided a sweet treat with his homemade ice cream and Swanky Band provided entertaining quadrille music. 

Not only was it a wonderful occasion for students to learn and have some extra fun, but for visitors to learn more 
about the Lighthouse School. 

At the event, teachers dressed in old time plaid dresses and wide brim straw hats and some students dress in pirates costumes had plenty for visitors to see, including displays of local produce, artefacts and 
handmade items. 

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