Too much wasted time

As I look at the new Clifton Hunter High School, I must say what a beautiful school we now have in the east. It has been long, too long, overdue.

As we all know, there has been so little done anywhere in North Side, East End and Bodden Town in the way of progress. We seem to be left out of the cash flow and still have to drive to George Town to get some and take back home.

I see it as a great waste of time, in this day and time in our history, that people from these three sectors in Cayman not only are being left out, but the people are having life harder.

We have this way of not wanting all of Cayman to do good; just selfishness for George Town and West Bay. It is time for the rest of Cayman to benefit from all the good. Do not waste any time trying to keep our people back. Use all of your time and know-how to help push us forward instead. This advice is for all on Cayman and the leadership – too much time is wasted in our Legislative Assembly trying to keep us back.

When I listen to the things that go on in there, no wonder my people are kept back and somewhat in the dark; a whole waste of good time and they are being paid for it.

We need and deserve better and by the power of the people we will do better in the near future. For your life to be better, we must all want better.

Thanks to all that had a hand in the building of the Clifton Hunter School. I wish we could all do much better than the school in the future together. We cannot waste any more time or money on anything. We cannot afford to be out of touch. Our children and grandchildren must have a Cayman that they can be proud to say we did good for them.

So all you that have been keeping us back, or who would like to come on board and keep us back, push off. We need no one to waste our time and mess up our future. Let us all get together and start a new programme in the New Year 2013; first with a new real Cayman government that stands with all the people. We have wasted enough time already. No more.

Emile S. Levy

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