Two more Saturdays to register for voting

Supermarket venues will not be available after 1 December

With 12 Saturdays completed and just two remaining, district registering officers will have spent more than 500 weekend hours at supermarkets and district venues as a convenience for potential voters to register in time for the next general election. 

The Elections Office noted this week that while applications for registration will continue to be accepted until 2 January, all supermarket registration stations will close down after 1 December. 

Registering officers and their assistants have made themselves available 10am to 2pm, providing application forms and even a photocopier for copying documents each person brings as evidence of eligibility to vote. 

They also assist with changes of particulars for voters already registered. 

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez reminded the public that people who are already registered as electors – voters – do not need to re-register. “However, if any elector has changed his or her name, street address or occupation, he or she must complete Form 13 and submit it to the registering officer in the district in which he or she now resides,” he said. 

He also pointed out that prospective electors who are otherwise qualified who will attain the age of 18 on or before the date of the general elections – 22 May, 2013 – should be aware that the writs of elections will be served on 12 December, after which they may submit applications to register until 2 January. 

While the Elections Office is doing its utmost to accommodate those individuals who are not registered, the onus to get registered is on the individual, not on the registering officer, Mr. Gomez pointed out. 

“The process is quite simple and time is now of the essence. Being able to exercise one’s franchise to vote, whether at an election or referendum, is a key tenet of a democracy,” he said. 

For 24 November and 1 December, registering officers will be at the following locations: West Bay, Foster’s Republix and at The Strand; George Town, Kirk’s, Foster’s Airport and Hurley’s; Bodden Town, Foster’s at Countryside Village; North Side, Chisholm’s; and East End at the United Church Hall. For Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, see separate story. 

Staff at the Elections Office at Smith Road Centre will continue to receive registration applications Mondays through Fridays, 8.30am to 5pm.  

Registration documents 

A person applying for registration as an elector should bring a copy of his or her birth certificate. If the applicant was not born in the Cayman Islands, he or she should also submit a copy of the birth certificate of a parent or grandparent who was born in Cayman. 

If the applicant possesses Caymanian status, he or she should submit a birth certificate and a copy of the letter or certificate of status. 

Anyone who is not yet 18 on the day the writ is issued for an election (12 December this year) but who will turn 18 on or before the polling date may register if he or she is otherwise qualified. 

If an applicant born in Cayman needs a copy of a birth certificate, it can be obtained from the General Registry in the Citrus Grove Building for $10. 

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