Fish Tea Cook Off continues apace

The contest to find Cayman’s finest fish tea continues and the latest event, held at Mango Tree in George Town, was well attended. 

Participants were Cayman Cabana, Coors in de Pan, Derrick Elliot – who won last year’s People’s Choice – and Mango Tree Restaurant. 

After a tough battle, the results were close with Edsil of Cayman Cabana winning by half a point. Coors in de Pan and Mango Tree Restaurant tied with 24 points. 

“We are excited at the level of competition we are seeing and look forward to the next preliminary round in West Bay at Kelly’s Bar,” said Shane Edwards of the contest. 

Further preliminary rounds continue and there are two additional rules, which have now been implemented. 

There will be a five-point penalty deduction for any participant who does not show up on time to the event. This will be strongly enforced. 

In addition to the judges scoring, the organising committee will also judge and score based on the traditional look and overall presentation. 

The winners of each district heat win $150, plus a case of beer, and will have a chance to be selected to represent the Flowers Bottled Water Fish Tea Cook Off at the All Things Caymanian stall at Taste of Cayman on Saturday, 26 January. All the winners from each district will participate in the final Flowers Bottled Water Fish Tea Cook Off at the East End Surf Challenge (Colliers Public Beach) on National Heroes Day, Monday, 28 January.  


Heats and dates 

West Bay (Kelly’s Bar) – Saturday, 24 November; Bodden Town (Grapetree Café) – Saturday, 1 December; North Side (TBA) – Saturday, 8 December; East End (Pirates Cove Bar) – Saturday, 15 December. 


  1. Will the recipe of the winner be published?

    I have my favorite but am willing to learn a new way.

    All in all a great contest and perfect way to display Cayman culture!

    Now when does the Conch Fritter contest start?

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